21 Aug 2016

365 Project | Days 225-231

Day 225 - Pea picking.

19 Aug 2016

Photography and Me

When I started this blog back in 2013, I had no idea where it would lead me.  It was a platform for my creative experiments, namely crafts and recipes.  Somehow along the way it sparked this absolute adoration for photography.

As today is World Photo Day, I thought I'd have a little chat about my relationship with photography and how it lead me to become, what I like to refer to as, an amateur professional photographer.

16 Aug 2016

Beeley, Chatsworth and a River Swim

Having found out that it is relatively easy to go for a swim in the river at Chatsworth and also being somewhat obsessed with wild swimming, I was desperate to return as soon as I could.  The next day of good weather came around, so I dragged Kyle and the pup along with me.

14 Aug 2016

365 Project | Days 218-224

Day 218 - Butterfly in the woods.

7 Aug 2016

365 Project | Days 211-217

Day 211 - Trip to Newcastle.
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