26 Jun 2016

365 Project | Days 169-175

Day 169 - Full moon.
Day 170 - Rock climbing on Father's Day.
 Day 171 - Sun in the studio.
Day 172 - New stationery.
Day 173 - Sleepy sunbather. 
Day 174 - Working in Leeds.
Day 175 - A sad day.

The weekend began with a day of errands around town, plus a couple of dog walks in our local park.  We've got into a good routine of two shorter walks/chasing his favourite tennis ball per day and Doug seems so happy for it.  He loves the park and has made some doggy friends too.  This routine also means he sleeps for a lot of the day and during the week I can get a lot more work done.

Last Sunday was of course Father's Day, so we spent it having a little ramble to 'Surprise View' which looks down over Hathersage, then back for a delicious and decadent lunch.

I've had a very work-heavy week, so not a lot of fun stuff to report on.  It seems appropriate not to talk about fun stuff however, as I was totally shocked, heartbroken and angry at the result of the EU Referendum on Friday.  If you follow me on Twitter you will have seen the outrage as I found out and let the reality of it sink in.  I may write a separate post detailing why I feel this way, or I may not, I've not quite decided yet.  

I spent the first hour of Friday morning crying in bed.  I managed to get the work I needed to get done completed and then headed over to my parents' to vent to them.  We went for a walk on the Longshaw Estate which helped distract all of us for a short while, but ultimately it was a thoroughly sad and disappointing end to the week.


22 Jun 2016

Sketchbook Diary | 2

Over the past few weeks I have been beavering away, scribbling in my sketchbook, coming up with designs and testing out different ways of drawing.

Having now done a few markets this year, I really want to push myself to create more, but I am in a constant cycle of feeling confident and doubting myself.  Recently I've felt a lot more positive about my illustrations (thank goodness), mostly from really lovely positive feedback from market and Etsy customers.  The weird thing is, it makes me feel uncomfortable saying that people like the stuff that I make, stupid huh?  Hopefully this irritating lack of confidence will disappear the more I share and talk about my work.  So here goes...
I've recently had a real interest in adding much smaller and more intricate details to my illustrations; a slightly more controlled technique than the, what you could call 'expressive' pencil marks of some of my previous drawings.  I'm not sure if I'll change the way I draw permanently, but I certainly have enjoyed trying it out and am pretty pleased with the results.
I've been looking a lot at North American animals recently, as I really love so many of them.  I thought I could maybe make a series out of the illustrations, but that has yet to be decided!
I sketched this little otter just because they're one of my all time favourites.  I really want to draw so many more just as an excuse to scroll through cute photos.  I talk more about my love of otters here.
I have a small obsession with fungi, they just fascinate me.  I have an ever-growing Pinterest board devoted to this obsession, plus a couple of products in my shop to reflect it too.  I've been looking more into the textures and patterns that occur on forest floors, as well as the mushrooms and toadstools that inhabit them.  Again, it has been a lot of fun illustrating so many tiny details.

I'm still not sure whether I'll get these designs made into prints or printed in some other way, shape or form.  I do know I want to create more however!  I'm now in the process of coming up with new products for my shop and for when I sell at markets in the autumn.

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