1 Dec 2016

365 Project | Days 323-329

Day 323 - A snowy stroll.

23 Nov 2016

365 Project | Days 316-322

Day 316 - Climbing in Cavedale.

22 Nov 2016

365 Project | Days 309-315

Day 309 - A wintry day at the market.

10 Nov 2016

The First Snow of Winter

Where to even begin.

I'm currently in a state of shock as to the current events that have come to pass over the last day or so.  So shocked in fact that I feel as though I am still yet to process everything; like I am numb to the horror and the enormity of it all.

I woke to a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach on the morning of the 9th November.  However it was fortunately later alleviated for a short while, by going for a hike and witnessing the magic of a light dusting of snow that had covered the higher ground of the Peak District the night before.

7 Nov 2016

365 Project | Days 302-308

Day 302 - Autumn blooms.
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