22 Sep 2016

Autumn Fungi

Today marks the official start of autumn and what better way to celebrate it than to share a gratuitous post chock-full of the amazing fungi I've encountered recently.  To me, few things feel as autumnal as fungi in reds, browns and yellows populating leaf-strewn woodland floors.

20 Sep 2016

The Spoils of Summer

This year I really wanted to try and learn how to grow more organic fruit and vegetables.  My dreams of self-sufficiency have been playing on my mind even more, but I've never had the opportunity to try and learn how to make them a reality.

As I've mentioned in posts before, our tiny garden does not lend itself to growing produce.  It has two large sycamore trees at the end, as well as being northeast facing and very damp (a slug and snail paradise).  Squirrels live in the trees and like to come and dig things up, along with some naughty neighbourhood cats who thought my raised bed would make a fantastic toilet over the winter.

My family recently moved not so far away and their garden is perfect for growing all sorts of things.  They like to grow a small amount of veggies, but really just wanted me to do most of it for them.  The perfect fruit and veggie relationship; I get to learn and they get to eat!

18 Sep 2016

365 Project | Days 253-259

Day 253 - Enjoying the view.

15 Sep 2016

Picking Damsons | Foraging

Whilst on a track we have walked umpteen times, I was shocked to discover that about six or so trees that lined the path were chock full of damson plums.  I realised I'd never been here at this time of year, so was very pleased to have coincidentally timed our hike so that the damsons were ripe and ready for picking.

The following day Kyle, Doug and I returned, equipped with bags to pick the bountiful crop.

13 Sep 2016

Woodland, Moorland and a City View

Sometimes you stumble across somewhere so enchanting, that you just want to return over and over.

This is how I felt when we went for a Sunday stroll at Lady Canning's Plantation, just on the outskirts of Sheffield. With a mixture of coniferous and deciduous woodland that open out onto rolling moorland carpeted in heather, it wasn't exactly hard to fall for the place.

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