18 Jul 2016

365 Project | Days 190-196

Day 190 - Pretty pastel cottages.
Day 191 - Last day in Lyme Regis.
Day 192 - Peas!
Day 193 - A bumper crop.
Day 194 - Tiny pony at the farm shop.
Day 195 - Treble trouble.
Day 196 - Piano break.

The first couple of days of this week were the last couple of days of our lovely holiday.  We did much of the same; we pottered through town and walked along the beach, before packing up and heading back home.

Monday I popped over see my family and give them their gifts.  I was so pleased to see that the peas were growing so well in the veg patch (not had so much luck with the rest, but I can't be here all the time!!).  Tuesday was a work day and trying to get back into the swing of things, although this was most definitely in vain.

Wednesday I was supposed to go to bring my grandma from home from hospital back in the Midlands, but she ended up not being able to leave as planned, so my mom promptly took me to her local farm shop which has goats, geese, sheep, chickens, horses and a beautiful tiny pony.  This definitely helped cheer us both up.  Thursday through til Saturday afternoon I had to look after my parents' dogs and Doug over at their house, whilst they went to my brother's master's graduation in Wales.

It was a funny old week and a bit of a shock to the system post-holiday!


11 Jul 2016

365 Project | Days 183-189

Day 183 - First day by the sea.
Day 184 - Beach exploring.
Day 185 - Fossil hunters.
Day 186 - Taking a dip.
Day 187 - Subtropical gardens.
Day 188 - Not interested in a photo op!
Day 189 - Gold tips.

The beginning of this week began with waking up to the smell and the sound of the sea (and gulls).  Late Friday night we drove down to Lyme Regis for a little seaside break.  Now as is customary with holidays here, of which I've had a few since coming here most years since the age of 5, is that the days all start to run into one another.  

I'm currently sitting back in a somewhat drizzly Sheffield once again and thinking fondly about the week past and how it consisted of days wandering the beaches, marvelling in how much Doug loved bombing up and down the sand after his ball, a cold dip in the sea, ice cream, chips and pints of Dorset cider.  Lazy walks through town where we lusted at all of the fossils and gemstones, walks along the river in the dappled shade, a trip along the coast to gardens full of subtropical plants and many long ambles spent searching for fossils.

A wonderful holiday, a glorious week and definite therapy for all three of us!

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