22 May 2016

365 Project | Days 134-140

Day 134 - Blue skies on Bamford Edge.
Day 135 - Dandelion.
Day 136 - Studio corner.
Day 137 - Salad seedlings.
Day 138 - 'Please play with me!'
Day 139 - Bloomin' borage.
Day 140 - Tidy bedroom at last.

The weekend began with a gloriously sunny walk up Bamford Edge again.  We wanted to see it on a finer day than the snowy one we had experienced previously and it was wonderful, however the wonder came to an abrupt end.  Doug somehow did a Houdini out of his harness and bolted off after a couple of startled sheep.  Kyle set off in hot pursuit across the heather-covered moorland, but not until he had covered at least a kilometre did he manage to catch up with the pup, who had since lost the sheep and wandered up to a nice couple who held onto him for us.  I jogged to catch up, carrying both of our bags and then tried not to lose it upon finding Kyle clutching Doug whilst mid asthma attack.  Not the relaxing start to the weekend we'd had in mind!!

The following day was much more relaxing, with a leisurely stroll at our favourite dog walking spot.  Later that day we began our latest mission to spring clean the heck out of our little house.

After our initial start of sorting out our stuff and cleaning with Kyle, I continued on and off for the next five days.  The piano which was in my studio was moved downstairs and chairs were moved to my parent's, bags of stuff were either donated or recycled.  I cleaned and scrubbed and space was somehow created by trying to be a little bit more clever with the layout of the rooms.  Whilst it is still not quite finished, it sure looks and feels so much better.

My garden has gone a little crazy this week with the alternating heavy rain and warm sunshine.  It makes me so happy to pop outside to see how it is all coming along.  I really can't wait until the gooseberries and strawberries are ripe enough to eat!


17 May 2016

365 Project | Days 127-133

Day 127 - Market day two!
Day 128 - Teef.
Day 129 - Afternoon gardening.
Day 130 - Rainy day.
Day 131 - Robin fledgling.
Day 132 - Work in Birmingham.
Day 133 - Cosy Friday night in.

The second market day was a lot of fun, I really enjoyed meeting other sellers and had such a laugh. The whole day was also, as expected, particularly exhausting.  Come Sunday Kyle and I went round to my parent's house and spent the day relaxing in the glorious sunshine and had our first BBQ of the year.  Doug had a great day too as he played and played and played, which gave me the opportunity to take the above photo, which I promise was just rough and tumble and not anything vicious!

I spent Monday morning on a photography job and then the afternoon helping my parents with their garden, which turned out to be well-timed as the following day it rained a whole lot.

Wednesday morning was quite the morning.  I noticed a ruckus going on out in my garden when I was putting some rubbish out and found that a neighbour's cat was trying to catch a robin fledgling.  The parent robins were shrieking at him from the bushes in an attempt to get him to leave, but to no avail.  I tried to get him to leave too, but the little bugger was persistent.  Eventually I thought he'd gone, then when I went to check, I found him with with the bird (it actually turned out that this was a second bird and the original fledgling was still tweeting away from behind the rhubarb).  I got it off him, but to cut a long story short, the little one passed away about an hour later, probably from shock.  I was a little upset, being the big baby I am.

The rest of the week just consisted of work, including a job in Birmingham and then a much needed chilled out night in come Friday evening.

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